Automatic Database Backup - Dropbox Cloud Only? Please, No

I notice that on the RKB page How do I backup my Roon database, it states:

We are working on a cloud syncing solution that will make backing up automatic and invisible, but for now, it’s critical that you periodically back up your Roon database.

And I also note that there’s now a (non-working) entry for Dropbox on the Services tab in Settings.

I hope that this doesn’t mean that automatic backup will only work with Dropbox? I really don’t want to have to sign up for Dropbox solely to make use of the automatic backup feature when it arrives. Since I use Windows 10, I also have OneDrive cloud storage available.

If Roon Labs don’t wish to support more than Dropbox, then please make it possible for automatic backups to make use of local storage. Then I can point the backup folder to a folder inside the OneDrive local folder hierarchy, and have Windows sync the content up to OneDrive automatically. Thanks.

When backup goes live, it will definitely support local storage.

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Thanks, Mike!

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I just noticed Dropbox pop up in the services tab as well. Tidal needed something to keep it company in that tab…:smile:

Hi @mike,

Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but this seemed like a good place for this request. Is there any chance of future direct integration of additional cloud services beyond Dropbox? I have ~80 GB available on Google Drive, and ~700 GB available on OneDrive, but a mere 2 GB in Dropbox.

I understand that this could be done by backing up locally, then scheduling a backup to one of these other services using the Synology tools (my core resides on a DS1515+), but the direct integration of Dropbox within Roon is pretty slick. Direct integration also results in fewer steps for restoring the library periodically to a second Roon core in another location.


Would like to see auto-backup to Google Drive. On Dropbox I get 2G and Roon is larger than that. On Google Drive i have 15G - perfect for a Roon back up!

In the meantime save your backup to your local Google folder and let google to the sync. Job done.

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'headslap!" Of course - thanks!

Any plans of supporting Jottacloud?

Or any other cloud services apart from Dropbox?

Why don’t you just backup to a local folder and let jottacloud sync handle the cloud side.
No need to do any extra Roon integration for Jotta or any new cloud service.

I do. I was thinking we might get to where no local forlders is needed. (In some near future).

I’m running Roon on Debian Linux and could not find a Google Drive sync client for it.

Perhaps Roon could adopt one of those unified cloud storage APIs and “magically” (with extra work) gain support for multiple platforms?

I’m in the process of closing my Dropbox account due to it now needing a separate “personal account” for photo uploads (my #1 use case). But I realised my Roon backups do not fit in 2GB (free Dropbox). I have plenty of space on e.g. Google Drive and would prefer to use it with Roon as well.

I’ve also been unable to connect to SMB on FreeNAS from Roon. It looks like when Roon runs sudo to mount.cifs, it has not created the mount point directory (or that’s what I’m lead to believe from the errors). This would need to become a separate thread – I’m just mentioning it briefly to say that I’ve tried that.

Why not just run backup to a local location that you already sync to the cloud. No need to wait for Roon to integrate with other specific services to get the same result.

Because I could not find a Google Drive sync client for Linux, and I could not get SMB mounts to work from Roon on Linux.

Where is your music stored ? How does your Roon core access that?