Automatic Lumin firmware updates

I recently switched from a SOtM SMs200-ultra with LPS to a Lumin U1 Mini. I’m happy with the SQ and particular the software integration. Flawless.
Just saw that a new firmware release is out (11.6). My Mini is still on 11.5b. Is there a way to force the update? Restart or hard turn on/off didn’t change anything. Thanks!

Flagging @wklie

Firmware 11.6 is currently released only for Lumin D2 and Lumin M1 to fix a TuneIn problem on these specific models.

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Thank you for the fast and clear answer (and Robert for flagging).
From the release notes it’s just not obvious that this is an update for the D2 and M1 only. You’d think that all machines should have an improved “AirPlay volume control” and that the other part is then just relevant for the two mentioned models.
Anyhow, I’m fine, you are obviously on top of things.

May I ask (just out of curiosity) two more questions:

  • Why is the current firmware on the Mini “11.5b” and not “11.5”? Is it just a revision that’s simply not mentioned in the release documentation, because it’s “only” covering the topics of 11.5?
  • Will the next firmware for the Mini then bump to the next version that is for all models, e.g. “11.7”, just leaving out the not relevant 11.6?

Kudos for a great product (hard- and software)!

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  1. The b version was to address an unexpected problem with the original firmware for affected models.
  2. Depends on whether something major happens soon enough to force a release of 11.6

Thank you for the swift clarification.
Keep on the great work!