Automatic Roon updates on iOS

How do i set Iphone for automatic updates for Roon.
If i go in settings set up and configure it just says searching devices and nothing happens if i go to settings about, there is no cogwheel showing that lets you choose the option.
The laptop which is the main core lets me choose through settings and about, but the set up configure option also says searching for devices and nothing happens.
The reason for wanting to get in these settings is i am trying to reboot Roon because of an annoying pop up telling me i need to back up my library and it wouldn’t go away.

Roon on iOS is updated through the Apple App store. Check for an update there.

Thanks now how do i reboot roon on laptop.

The simplest answer is; reboot/restart the laptop. As for Roon it depends on which version of roon and which OS your laptop runs.

Latest version Windows 10.

I would like to know why when i go into settings set up and configure it will not connect it just says searching for devices.


Roon Settings—> Setup —> Configure Roon OS Devices …

is for setting up ROCK … this is for systems that are running Roon’s custom Operating System Roon OS … as far as I can tell you are running the Roon Core on Windows 10 and a Roon Remote on an iPhone … which is why none are found.

To save you chasing ghosts… may I suggest you have a read of the Roon Knowledge Base it’s a great resource for new and experienced users a like.

As for the backup warning it should be clearable however, iirc there may be a problem with that … the simplest workaround is to perform a Roon DB backup … (to be honest everyone should set this up).

Do have a read of the RKB … and the if you have specific questions or need clarification get back to forum.

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