Automatic sound levels. LUFs etc

I have been using Roon for quite a while now but I have resisted the temptation to use sound volume adjustments.
Some, albeit few, of my music seems to needs it.
There are tracks that after a long and very quiet start litteraly explode the sound levels towards the end of the taking.
What ever level of manuel setting for the volume I use the track as a whole is never pleasing. Either far too low or far too high.
I have tried “Zone/Vol/Track” with various LUF settings but it was not a convincing experience.
Do you have some advice? Thank you.

Volume leveling will not change this. It adjusts the volume identically throughout the track, helping to reduce volume differences between tracks (not within the same track).

If what you want is the quiet bits to be louder, and/or the loud bits to be quieter, you are describing dynamic range reduction, ie compression. Can you give an example album or track where this is an issue?


Funny that you asked. Blu-Ray 192kHz version of Supertramp “Crime of The Century” (DR 17+). Especially Track 6, “Rudy” (DR 21.4+).

LRA numbers like that are more typical of classical releases. I can imagine it being a problem trying to listen in a moving car, but the Tidal version (it’s probably the same 24/192 remaster) sounds good at home!