Automatic update

I have a newbie question but could not find the answer when searching. Apologies if posted before.
How is RoPieee updated to new versions? Mine is still running version 059-1


Hi @Hans_Jakobsson,

Oef… 059-1 is very old.

I’m not sure if it will actually be able to update, as normally this is done incrementally. What you can do is go to the web page and put the update mechanism to ‘manual’. Then reboot, go back to the web page and give it some time.

But it might be less work to actually reflash with the latest image…

Thanks, I’ll give it a try with the manual mode.
If it doesn’t do it I’ll try a reflash with latest version in the week end.

I had the pi in a box for a couple of months during winter and I guess missed some updates during that time.

Quite a few by the looks… we are now 95 I think…I’m in a hotel in Manila so I can’t check right now. I hope thats not a typo and you meant 95 not 59 :blush:

The manual mode did not do it but a reflash did the trick. Now running 095 on wifi!
Thanks spockfish

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I’ll follow up here instead of opening a new thread :wink:

just finished setting up a new Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with Allo DigiOne. Ropieee version, on this one is 099 whilst on my Pi 3 B with HifiBerry Digi Pro is at 095

is this correct?

also (OT here but…)
ethernet status leds on the Pi 3 B+ have something weird: left one is off and right one is blinking yellow :neutral_face:
on the Pi 3 B, instead, left one is steady yellow and right one is blinking green
both Pis are connected to gigabit switches


Yes that’s correct. I’m in the middle of releasing a new version (which is 099), so you’re the first :wink:

The colors I’m not sure about, except that the B+ supports 1G and the B only 100MB. So I would not be surprised if that’s causing the difference.


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thanks Harry
in the while I had to reboot the Pi 3 B and now this one too is on 099

re. ethernet leds… all I can find says left one should be steady ON: yellow for 10/100, green for Gigabit and this is what happens on the 3 B whilst on the 3 B+ it stays OFF

might be something about the new 3 B+ controller requiring different drivers/settings?

thanks for having a look :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: did some more searching and…

  • on the 3 B+ green/yellow ethernet LEDs are reversed (compared to 3B)
  • looks everyone’s left one stays OFF :neutral_face:

so no need to bother about it, Harry :wink: