Automatic Zone Switching

I would like to play all my stereo music through my 2 channel DAC and all my multichannel music through HDMI. My receiver will automatically lock on the active input signal, so that’s not an issue, especially if Roon takes exclusive control of the output device.

Given mine is a very common scenario, it would be a big help if Roon could automatically switch “zones” based on the characteristics of the source music.

Another example: Some listeners might prefer to send hi res PCM through one zone, say directly to their receiver, and DSD through another, say an external DAC. There are a lot of ways to optimize the listening experience, and not all of them can be done through a single signal pathway.

Lastly, if portions of the Roon controls were programatically exposed, something like IFTTT could be used to switch audio inputs and system settings as needed, if automatic switching were not supported directly by the receiver.

I hope Roon will consider these types of features for future releases.

Thank you.