Automatically add Tidal to Library for lower quality iTunes songs

Hi community,

I’m new to Roon and I already love it. I’ve been playing around with the software extensively, but I think I just miss a clue. Maybe you can help?

I have a large iTunes library, but as you now encoding isn’t very well. I also have a Tidal subscription that has better quality audio for most tracks I own. What I currently do is open the album (iTunes version) in Roon, then look add versions to add the Tidal version to my library and make that the preferred one.

The problem is I have thousands of albums. Going in on every album manually to add the Tidal version also to the library is a huge and time consuming work. Isn’t there any way, which I didn’t discover yet, to automate this process? To automatically add all matching Tidal versions of my own catalog to the Roon library?


I think you can use soundiiz to import your iTunes playlists and then transfer them to Tidal. If you created a playlist with all tracks in it?

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Interesting approach. I’m making an ‘all music’ playlist to sync as we speak.

I do however have one more question. After syncing everything the TIDAL playlist will add the songs and albums to my Roon library. What happens if I later delete the ‘all music’ playlist? Will the items still be in Roon?

The tidal playlist won’t automatically add things to the roon library. If you delete the tidal playlist it will all disappear. if you select all the tracks and do add to library then it will have all the tidal tracks in and delete the playlist.
A cludgy method but should work.

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Ok, got it. Indeed cludgy, but it did the trick getting over 30.000 songs in :wink:


Is this method still the best way to do this? Does it automatically make the higher quality Tidal file the preferred version?

I started doing this album by album, then realized it was going to take a very long time.

My iTunes library is a mix of lossless (no need to replace) and lossy purchases from the iTunes Store. Maybe I can make a list of all purchased iTunes tracks and switch them to Tidal?

I think I’ve figured out the approach is to export the playlist from iTunes, import that into Tidal, then import the Tidal playlist in Roon and add those albums to my library. Sound right?

It would have been nice for Roon to be the bridge to do this. It can obviously do it album by album, but maybe not for a full list?

I’m stuck. I was able to export the playlist from iTunes and import into Tidal. It matched 5400 of my 6500 purchased tracks. Not perfect, but not bad. In Roon, I can see this playlist that is composed of the 5400 tracks. But I see no way to bulk add the tracks to my Roon Library. The “three dot” menu for the playlist only offers “add to a playlist” or “add to a tag” options.

Each track has a “three dot” menu that offers “add to library,” but I don’t want to do that 5400 times. Please help! Thanks.