Automatically download played ARC tracks into a local device cache

Firstly, thanks for all your work on Roon and Roon ARC, in particular.

I couldn’t find an existing suggestion about this so here goes…

I used to use a Subsonic streaming app and a nice touch was that songs that you listened to would be automatically downloaded to the device, up to a pre-defined limit. For example, you could allow a 5GB cache and, at that point, older songs would be removed to make way for the new ones.

It meant that frequently listened albums would start far more quickly (and not consume more data) and, usefully, if you found yourself on a flight and realised you’d not downloaded any albums to listen to, there would still be a bunch of your favourites - already on the device - to pick from.

I guess it would need some clever UX to differentiate between these “cached” downloads vs the intentionally “downloaded” downloads but hopefully you get the idea… :slight_smile: