Automatically export Playlists (for Plex)

Hello folks,

As long as Roon doesn’t have support for mobile stramming, I’d like to do it with Plex.

But I don’t want to re-export my playlists every time I add new songs.

Is there a way to automatically export these playlists with Roon?

When I was using MusicBee, there was a fantastic feature with smart playlists:
MB could automatically export them as static playlists - in real time.

I’d ask the mods if this could be moved to feature requests, or add your vote / voice to one of the similar existing requests.

It certainly feels (in the more general sense of ‘automatically syncing playlists with external services & platforms’) like a useful feature ie. not having to manually export your Roon playlists and then upload them elsewhere in order to sync them.

I can think of several ways this could be tackled from full-blown Soundiiz style auto-syncing features built directly into Roon itself, though to more ‘home brew’ solutions using the existing API or a slightly friendlier REST full API that used a simple URL structure ie. /playlists /playlist/34 as JSON documents that could then be parsed automatically by a 3rd party app or service — if it was simple enough then Soundiiz might even be persuaded to integrate with it.

The functionality is actually there now for someone to write an external application / script that queried the Roon API to pull pack a list of users playlists (see the Roon API demo app for an example) and then build (or sync) Plex or Spotify playlists from them — plenty of existing examples (Plex / Spotify) of how this could be done. This could then sit on a server or the machine running your Core and periodically poll Roon to see what had changed. Maybe someone in the #tinkering section might feel like taking this on.

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wow, thank you for such an extensive answare!
i will check out your links and read the threads