Automatically give Bookmark title of page being bookmarked

Just a small time saving thing from my perspective, I use Bookmarks almost as a little notepad to save albums I want to listen to later. Each time I save an album, I need to manually give the bookmark a title - which is almost always the name of the album.

Could be context specific for future reference, e.g.:

Artist: The Beatles
Album: The Beatles - The White Album
Playlist: Beatles Covers (Tidal)

This would obviously be changeable so the user could alter to whatever their preference, but for me it makes more sense to auto-populate the name with something rather than leave it blank.

Hi @Ben_Hart,

As an alternative … use a tag called “listen later” and apply that tag to required albums.

Then when required focus on that tag.

If you wanted you could also create a bookmark for that focus.

Would this work for you?

Will try that out - I had been using playlists and I tended to forget about them so went to bookmarks which are more visible but tags may be a better solution. Thanks for the reply

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