Automatically go to "Top Result" when searching in Roon?

Is there a keyboard shortcut, or some other method for automatically going to the “Top Result” when performing a search on an artist, album, etc.? As an example, it’d be awesome if I could hit Ctrl-F to search, type in “Kraftwerk,” and then hit Ctrl-Enter, Shift-Enter, or some other keyboard shortcut and Roon would automatically go to Kraftwerk’s artist page, since it’s the Top Result for my library.

To be clear, I don’t want my searches to permanently go to the Top Result, just an ability to do it on the fly when I probably know what the top result is already and I just want to go there without having to click something with my mouse.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Ty,
All the short cuts are listed in Roon --> Settings --> Keyboard Shortcuts.
Presently what your asking for is not supported, so I’ve move your post to the feature requests section.

I never thanked you for moving that over to feature requests. Thanks, Carl!

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