Automatically start Roon on computer bootup

For those of us that run headless it would be nice to have an option in Roon to have it run at startup. I know there are ways by using the “startup” folder and possibly adding Roon to the startup options in msconfig, but rather than messing with that stuff it would be nice to just have an option within Roon to tell it to run when the computer boots. It’s a pain to remote desktop into the core PC with a program that supports openGL to start Roon every time I reboot the computer.


For Mac users:

System Settings>Users>your username>Log in items>

Click “+”, locate Roon, “ok”

Roon should appear as an item that loads at start up.



Further to Bill’s solution for Mac users, is there a way this can be done on a PC please?

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RoonServer has an option to autostart, right click the Roon icon in the system tray. See this post for how to install RoonServer:

If you want to autostart Roon itself in Windows, drag a shortcut to Roon into the Startup folder. Here is how to do it in Windows 8.1:

I’ll give your autostart suggestion a try. Hope it works with Windows 10.

Thank you

I know this is a very old topic, but I hope my post revives it:
Bill’s suggestion for Macs only starts Roon on Login (meaning, once a user logs into the Mac with a password) but NOT on STARTUP (meaning when the computer first starts up and no one is logged in. In that case I still have to use something like Team Viewer to remotely access the Mac and log into it.

Since Roon is really a kind of server software it should start up without anyone being logged into the computer.

Any suggestions?

On a Mac, if you want to run a script or application on boot (not on login), add it to /System/Library/StartupItems.


Again I know this is an old topic but I found it when trying to resolve this myself.
My understanding is that /System/Library/StartupItems has been deprecated - I haven’t actually tested that. Apple’s approach is to use a plist file in /Library/LaunchDaemons
Again as I understand it this is more for developers but I have managed to make it work.
See this link: