Automatically Update Metadata [fixed]

Sorry if this was asked before. I couldn’t find it searching.

I’ve added some new Tidal albums and, since they’re new, lack some or all metadata. For example, I added the new Roger Waters album to my library when it was released and there was no review.

Today, I brought up the album, edited it, and identified it, found the album and it updated all the metadata, including a review.

Should I expect Roon to do this automatically for me or do I have to go back and identify these albums to see if there’s new metadata? I thought I read in the past that Roon would add data when new information was found.

Cheers, Greg

I believe it checks once a week automatically.

Thanks Ludwig.

I’m not sure that’s happening. I had 3 brand new albums added early Sept and I identified them yesterday and found the new metadata. It seems that that’s quite a coincidence that I manually identified them just before they were to be automatically updated. I think I might have to do some experimenting.

Can any Roon guys confirm this?

Cheers, Greg

I think it tries regularly, but that doesn’t mean manual intervention isn’t still required for some albums. @mike?

Mike is on vacation atm but @jeremiah may be able to assist.

It is worth identifying Tidal albums, I’ve also experienced metadata appearing when doing that. It does feel unintuitive to need to tell Roon to identify a Tidal album, it may be that adding an identification step to the Add to Library button is appropriate.

There are two steps here:

  1. Identifying the album by associating it with data from our metadata database
  2. Updating that data to the latest version

The first step happens when you import content. The second happens once a week.

Sometimes an album exists in our system more than once. When that happens, you can end up with tracks that have been identified as a data-poor copy, and the data-rich copy is the one getting the review/updates etc. Without more information, t’s difficult to say whether or not that’s what happened here for sure, but it matches the symptoms you’re describing.

Is there a way to force a metadata update or we have to settle for once a week?

At our end users can rescan an album, or clear the Tidal cache.

We calibrated them at a week because we don’t receive new metadata from our sources every day, so checking too often would be wasteful.

If you want to force an update immediately, go to the album browser, select the albums you want to update, click “Edit” and then “Re-Identify Albums”. This feature is slightly more potent than the weekly metadata update, but will accomplish the same objective for you.

@mike, We should make an FAQ post that explains the phases of processing (files added -> tag extraction/re-extraction, identification, analysis, metadata update, …) that go on in Roon, what they mean, and how they fit together.

I’m not getting weekly metadata updates. All the albums I have imported that were not immediately identified have had to be be manually re-idenitfied to get metadata. None have had this added automatically via the automatic weekly updates.

Thanks @fritzg,
Let’s leave notifications for @mike and @brian so they can look into that. Can you give some examples of albums that did not automatically update for you and a change in the metadata ? It would be interesting to see if they have updated for other users or not.

“Introducing Darlene Love” by same and “Cass County” by Don Henley. Neither updated automatically but did when I manually re-identified them.

Good catch @fritzg – we actually noticed this days before the release of Build 88, and were able to include a fix in that release.

This should be working again, checking for weekly metadata updates on an album-by-album basis. Let us know if you’re seeing otherwise.

Well, I just noticed this problem with Build 102. Miles Davis’ “Miles at the Fillmore - Miles Davis 1970: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 3” was added to my collection on 25 September 2015 and the metadata had to be manually identified today. @mike