Automaticly swap all Local files to Tidal (Bulk process)

My Data Music HDD (3tb regular seagate) broke last week (I have backup).
But I do not want to bother with Hdd’s anymore. They break a lot.!!
I want to upgrade (swap) all my files to Tidal, except my Hd collection (which I will still have phisical copy in a 2nd smaller ssd) .
The Idea is to bulk (by bulk command) swap all files to Tidal.
I have 40k files. It would be impractical to do it manually!!
These would be a Great Feature

I am not trying to talk you out of it, but, keep in mind Tidal has a limit of 10,000 tracks per account. Also, keep in mind that you will lose access to some albums at some point as licensing agreements remove access. Streaming options do not create a permanent collection, always treat it as temporary.

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I did not know about the 10k file limit.
Why do they do that???
Does Qobuz has these rules also??
I will re-evalute my strategy!!!



I think the Tidal limit is 10000 albums not tracks. I have 16000 tracks in my Library from Tidal so it’s certainly more than 10k tracks.

10k albums is much better.
Can someone confirm these information??
Thanks to all

I don’t work for, nor do I represent Tidal, but, a bit of Google magic reveals that it is 10,000 albums, not tracks, according to the Reddit group for Tidal. The track limit is 5000 for a single playlist.

how do i get my local files on Tidal?

Export them and use Soundiiz to synch them with tidal. See for details.

export them from what? seems quite a round about way

Roon supports exporting an XL spreadsheet. This can then be used by Soundiiz to add Tracks/albums to Tidal. Roon offer no bulk way to do this internally unfortunately.

But you will not get matches for everything and you’ll find some will be a different release so will have two seperate versions showing up rather than it replace it. So some massaging of your library such as editing/grouping may be required afterwards.