Autoplay Feature

Any possibility to implement a Autoplay feature?

As I am trying to automate as much as possible at home, I am intending to skip the steps to search for music within roon and to play an album, playlist or “whats new” on Tidal.

Instead i’d like to specify what to autoplay whenever i start running roon on my tablet or phone.

Any chances this might happen? If not, are there workarounds (thinking api)


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i would be looking for the same thing - when i power up my rpi with roon i would like it to just start playing where it left of when powered off last time…

if this feature is not available to day, would it be possible to have it done via roon API? simple “click on play button after device will become available” would be enough for me :slight_smile:

It would be rather nice having an autostart feature in roon!

What about a special „Autostart configureable Playlist“ , like
recap last playing… Internetstation, CD or else.

audiophile regards - Bassmann

@bassman @maniac @Kian_Pariwar

What is it you shut down?
If it is the remote, like an iPad, just hit Play on the bottom and it continues where it was. As a general point, shutting down and starting a remote has no impact on what is playing, you stop and start play as you want.

If you shut down the endpoint, Roon loses it; when you restart the endpoint, I think it finds it again and restores the queue, so you can hit play. But this is a bit messy, some USB devices don’t come back cleanly, better not to shut down.

If you shut down the core, don’t know, I haven’t done that in years and recommend against it.

My general advice is not to shut down anything ever.

Hi Anders, in my configuration roon - the full paket - runs on a MBP with iTunes as ripper, ALAC converter and former media Station. So the Mac will be shutdown late nights and startet again after work the next day.
And there we are with the startup screen. I can see my last play, Internet Radio or CD - but I will have to press Play/Space Bar. So a special playlist „Autostart“ wich could have a CD (with „Radio“ activated) or an
iRadio Station in that playlist that will start automaticly would be a nice Feature.
On an roon remote, you are right - keeps the last track. Pick play and it continues.

i would vote for “resume last action before shutdown” - e.g. resume playing to zones as before the shutdown

I don’t know Mac, a Windows user, but doesn’t the Mac have a good sleep feature? I.e. If you just close the laptop, and then open it again the next day, doesn’t it continue where it was?

Well yes, it will start exactly there where it was closed after wake up. A possible NAS connection would be reastablished.
But the last played position is „frosen“ and will not continue automaticly.
i.e a youtube video will not continue playing too.
On Win10 a wake up from hibernation mode acts simmelar…
A roon remote on Win10 will not control the roon core to continue the last playing automaticly,
without pressing Play !
Well on roon remote this behavior is ok , for me and many others.
On a full roon package media player an „resume last play/ play first in list“ Function would be nice to have!

regards Bassmann