AV software has quarantined an encryption module

CORE : Ubuntu LTS 18.04, Roon Version 1.7 Build 511
CONTROL : Windows 10 , Roon Version 1.7 Build 511
Cylance antivirus

My Roon Control running on my Win10 PC does not see the PC as a zone. On investigation I have found that my next gen av software (blackBerry Cylance) has quarantined “…\AppData\Local\Roon\Application\100700511\Chaos.NaCl.dll” as suspicious.

Can you please confirm that Roon does in fact use this dll before I release it on my system?


FWIW - I find \AppData\Local\Roon\Application\100700511\Chaos.NaCl.dll in my WIN10 install also.
Modified 4/3/2018 Length 157 bytes.

If its a virus then we both have it.

Hi @Michael_de_Koning,

This is a false positive from the AV software. We’ve seen false positives like this in the past. The best option is to whitelist Roon and continue using it as normal.

Chaos.NaCL is a cryptographic library written in C#. It’s a clone of Daniel J Bernstein’s NaCL.

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