Available in TIDAL app, not available in Roon?

I have sporadically found that my search results in Roon (searching TIDAL) don’t find all the available tracks/albums from an artist. These are items that ARE available in the TIDAL app.

I have also found that certain tracks are “unavailable” in Roon… even when I add them to my Library using TIDAL app - then sync. They show up in the library but they have the flag “Unavailable” and nothing happens when I click play.

Anybody have a solution/explanation for this?
See Sam Smith’s recently released “Pray” as an example (verified by a friend with Roon - also unavailable in Roon for him).

Same here :confused:

This is mostly likely a copyright issue and an error on Roon’s part, since it plays in Tidal.

I checked View File Info in the 3 dots menu of the track, then clicked File Tags. It shows that it will be available Oct. 8, at least in Canada,

We might as well wait and see if it becomes available tomorrow.

Cheers, Greg

Thanks for digging in and finding that! I will report back tomorrow. I checked other tracks and their release date matches the copyright date… not sure why this one is different.

Thanks again!

I had to delete and re-add the track… but it’s playing today!

Looks like your hunch could be correct!

Thanks again.

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