Available on Qobuz, but

Bob Dylan’s new track Murder Most Foul is on Qobuz and I’ve made it a Favorite. But it does not appear in my Qobuz Favorites in Roon. No problem with any other recording, but this one refuses to appear in Roon. Why is that?

Probably a new track that is still being synced between Roon and Qobuz. Post again if it’s not fixed in a day or so.

One thing that irks me is classical albums where only a couple tracks are available and the other tracks are only “previews”. Harshes my mellow, man.


The new Pearl Jam album is not available on my Roon Qobuz. The album Gigaton is out since 27.3.20 on Qobuz France, can be streamed in other SW like Devialet Spark, but does not show up in Roon, neither on search nor on the list of new albums in the Qobuz section. Do others experience the same? I subscribe on Qobuz France.

It’s available in Tidal, not Qobuz yet. Don’t worry, it’s not worth listening to.

It is available on Qobuz since last Friday only does not show up in Roon. No clue why??? Even as Pearl Jam fan I must agree with you it‘s not that great of an album, but no reason for Roon or Qobuz? to (censor*) modify new appearances. Can‘t be that difficult to pass all new appearances as they occur in Qobuz and same as on other streaming systems that have integrated the standard Qobuz API. Isn‘t it?

Edit: *censor is probably the wrong word, pure omission might be what‘s going on over and over. Probably the result of manual edits when transferring the data to Roon instead of an automated process through the standard API.

OK, I just found it in Qobuz and liked it. It will show up in Roon probably within an hour or less for me. Nobody is censoring anything.

The new Bob Dylan track that I said is on Qobuz but wasn’t on Roon a couple of days ago is now on Roon.

Why is Roon not capable to display all Qobuz appearances on Fridays? It‘s not the first time. The list and order is the same as in Qobuz and other SW that have Qobuz integrated, but some of them, this time Pearl Jam, are missing? This escapes me.

I don’t know, it just takes a while. Does it really matter that much?

Sure, and in 2 years you will also find it in the Penny Store around the corner for 1$ the CD.

All the other albums I added on Friday from Qobuz appeared immediately in Roon. Pearl Jam still hasn’t appeared. I don’t much care about this particular album but there is clearly an issue here, and it has happened with other albums too. I didn’t see this when I was using tidal. Be good to get a fix for Qobuz.

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Yes, I’ve seen that too. Sometimes if you wait a few weeks, the “previews” will become available. That happened with Kristian Bezuidenhout’s Beethoven Emperor Concerto.

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