Available space?

Simple question that I can’t figure out. Nucleus’s status page lists available space as 83% of 443GB available. Where is the remaining 37GB?

Second question, what is the “Roon Database and Settings” designation? 99% of 227GB available? Where is this 227GB coming from?

Side note, it would be nice if Roon showed this information on the “Storage” or “About” tab under preferences, or some sort of simple infographic with a bar signifying used / available internal storage space.

This will answer you first question…

In addition to the SSD, you have a PCIe SSD for Roon OS and your database. This doesn’t need much space, but small drives are no longer available.

It’s available on the Nucleus webpage at http://nucleus.local.

My 4Tb HDD’s never show a full 4Tb but do contain 4m bytes , is it not a confusion between bits and Bytes ?


4 m bytes equates to 3.63 Tb.

Why worry just FILL it with music !! or in this case Not…


Thanks for the reply Martin. Yes, the info is available on the Nucleus webpage, but it would be convenient for this information, again even a simple infographic, to be displayed on the Storage or About tabs within the Roon application itself.