AVM Network Player Multi Zones

(Stefan Larson) #1

just downloaded Trial Version in Win64.
First question:
I use Synology NAS 30TB wired to an AVM CS 5.2.
When I installed the software onto my computer it found all the stuff on it, DAC and other settings fine. But the only thing on the network was my Yamaha RX V773 (also wired to the Router and NAS) in my bedroom as Airplay.
The AVM is nowhere to be find and I can’t find anywhere to add it’s MAC/IP address. How do I do that?
Second question:
It seems that there might be a way to be able to play in multiple zones - which I have been able to do with other software as well BUT with a bit of lag, giving it an echo. In Roon, if I can get the AVM to play the files, will I be able to synch the computer, separate DAC and amplifier, with the AVM?

(Dylan Caudill) #2

Hi @Stefan_Larson,

If you wire this to your Core machine instead does that work for you? In order for Roon to see a device connected to another computer it must be running Roon or RoonBridge.

You can group zones in Roon. Take a look at our documentation on the subject.

(Stefan Larson) #3

Thanks for the quick reply
My NAS is connected to a Router which is connected to my PC (Core) and the AVM. Already tried the Bridge add-on but still only see the Yamaha Receiver via Airplay

(Mr Fix It ) #4

Unless your AVM has a USB DAC connection to a roon end point Roon wont see uPNP devices. It doesn’t look like this unit does USB other than to plug in a music source.


(Stefan Larson) #5

Thanks for the reply
You are right - I just spoke to AVM and they have no support for Roon right now. But early next year there will be new software that will, so until then…

(Mr Fix It ) #6

You could look at a small RPi based endpoint that could get you running with RAAT with a build like Ropieee or DietPi or something from Allo with Toslink or SPDIF