Avoiding a rescan

I’m a ROCK user, and get my files off several Windows shares. I’m planning to replace the server that has the Windows shares. I will be in a position to have the old and new servers up and running at the same time.

If I add the shares from the new server to Rock before removing the old shares, can I avoid the rescan of all the files, or is there something else I should do to help with this?



Do not do this … as Roon will treat all those additional files as new additions to you r library.

It’s very important that Roon only sees one copy of the files, this way Roon will then be able to update its file location references rather than adding them as duplicates.

The way to do this is to combination of disabling and editing your existing Roon watched folders … or alternatively removing them and recreating to point to files new location.

PS do read Roon’s Migration Guide, not all will apply as you are not moving the Roon Core … but still worth a read.

PPS make you have at least a couple of current Roon Database backups before you start.

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Thank you so much Carl. I’ll read up. There may be more silly questions to follow!

Is that necessary? Or are all those steps due to them being Windows shares? When I transferred cores recently I simply invoked the most recent backup and everything was recognised and where it needed to be. Music was on local storage and SMB shares from a NAS.

In your case; you migrated the core, but the paths to the music files remained the same.

In Simon’s case; the paths to his music collection are changing, hence the need to repoint Roon to them.

My solution to the lack of folder-browsing in Roon has been to set up bookmarks for storage locations. Looks like I will also have to redo those.

I haven’t started yet, but may do in the next day or so.

Yes, sorry. In my defence it was early!

Hi @wintoid,

As mentioned above, you’ll want to remove the previous shares completely before adding the new one. We have information about moving your library to a new storage location here in our Help Center.

Before making any changes I recommend making a backup, just to be safe.

Seems to have gone smoothly! Thanks everyone!


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