Avoiding new "Date Added" after re-scanning with new storage device

I store all of my music on a NAS + a Tidal subscription. I have replaced my NAS and would like to re-point Roon to the new NAS. Is there a way to ensure that after pointing to the new NAS and re-scanning, that all of my music won’t have a new “Date Added” metadata?

Reason: I like using the “Date added” sort field in Albums to view the new albums i have found in Tidal or newly downloaded music. I’m worried that after re-scanning, all of my “old” music will show up as “new”. Is there a workaround for this?


The most important thing is to never have Roon seeing both sets of files visible at the same time.

The best way is to edit the existing Roon Watched folder and update it to reference the new location.

Note, initially Roon may appear to have updated the added date, however, once scanning has completed all should be well.

Before making the change make sure you have an up to date Roon backup (just case something goes wrong).

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Well, it almost worked :slight_smile: I did as you (Carl) suggested, and out of my 2000+ albums, about 150 or so show up as having a “date added” of today, meaning they show up first in the “By date added” sorted list. These 150 or so seem very random with no reason (i can see) as to why they were “selected” to be newly added.

Is there a way to manually change their date added metadata? i’m not seeing how i could do this.

In Settings>Library>Import settings you can set the import date default to file creation time, file modification time, or Roon’s actual import timestamp. Would using file creation time be the right choice for your use case?

Hi @Ben_Sosinski ,

Can you please share a screenshot of a few examples of the albums that display this issue? How did the file path change for the affected albums, are they still in the same sub-folders as before? How were these files moved, did you use a PC and Windows Explorer / Mac Finder to move them over?

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