Award for most Genres on an album goes to…

Genres gone wild! Seriously, how many Genres do we really need on an album?

Am I the only one that thinks it gets a bit ridiculous sometimes?


A big part of the problem in general is that although genres in Roon are hierarchical, so that having a lower-level genre would be sufficient, all the higher-level genres get added anyway. (E.g., in this case, if it’s Contemporary Bluegrass it’s automatically Bluegrass as well, so that’s not actually necessary.)

This one is additionally problematic in a way that is not easy to solve because it’s a VA soundtrack, so you get the Stage & Screen, etc., genres plus most likely one genre for each of 20 artists playing a different style. Not much that can be done about that

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Personally, I don’t have any need for an infinite number of genres/sub genres. IMHO, it’s gotten a bit ridiculous, almost comical. :laughing:

Oh well, at least, if I want, I can edit what Roon displays to reduce the clutter. :wink:

I’m interested in others posting their examples to see what album wins for most genres. :grin:

PS - The example I posted is a great album (the movie is good as well). :+1:

I could do with just the lower levels tags as well, like, e.g. Alternative/Indie Rock, and would not need the Pop/Rock on everything. (And if looking at Pop/Rock as a genre, Alternative/Indie is included anyway), but it’s just too much work to edit everything. On the other hand, I rarely play compilations and most of my albums have 5 or 6 genres which is fine

I came to the same conclusion after editing the umpteenth album. :grin:

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