Away from home - Looking for solution

Currently I use Roon on:

  • Qnap HS-264-8G
  • Linn Akurate DS

when I am at home.

I also use Roon on an Intel NUC with B&W PI7.

But I need a solution when not a home. I was think about Astell & Kern Futura SE180 - but that is quit expensive (1.500 EURO).

Any suggestion? THANKS

@Torben_Rick Mojo 2 or Mojo (eBay), phone.

If you add a Poly you can also stream and use an SD card.

Hands down, pound for pound the best HiFi investment I have ever made.

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Nowadays I use my Android 11 smartphone with USB Audio Player Pro and a high-res USB dongle DAC to Sure SE425 cabled in-ears or Sennheiser HD600.
Absolutely stunning sound quality, especially for the investment.
Many audiophiles would oppose, of course.

USB Audio Player Pro comes with it’s own driver to circumvent Android’s audio system and enable high-res decoding including MQA - if that floats your boat - as well as it can access Tidal, Qobuz and Shoutcast online.

For stored offline Qobuz content (not bought and downloaded), I use their app, which is crippled by Android’s audio system though - but hey, that’s good enough for me on the go.

It has a handy PEQ as well - for a small additional fee!

… and tons more features …

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Looks good - but only for Android :frowning:

If you want an Apple solution, use the Onkyo HF music player from the Apple Store with a camera connector kit to get USB out from an iPhone. This bypasses the DAC in the phone, so you will still need a DAC/headphone amp to drive your headphones. Music needs to be loaded on the phone, it doesn’t do any streaming.

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I use USB player Pro and the Onkyo player on Android (Samsung A52) with OTG to an Audioquest Dragonfly Red on Bose QC25 or Sony 1000 MX4 .Both give excellent sound .

I prefer the USB player as navigation is better.

I also use Sony 1000 MX4 via Bluetooth. With a bit of EQ they sound good. Not quite the real thing (Sennheiser hd800) but still very good.

I have a full 256 SD card so around 700-800 albums at CD . Keeps me quiet

On my iPad I use Onkyo plus the Red with a camera kit

With the Red you need fairly low impedance phones , it struggles to drive the HD800