Ayre QB-9 not "enabling"

Hi, I have an original version Ayre QB-9 connected to a brand new Roon Nucleus. I made the Nucleus my core and it notices the dac as “Ayre USB Interface”. When I click enable it says “Enabling” but nothing happens. I’ve tried to refresh, turn everything off and back on. No luck. The QB-9 is a non DSD model. Is it not compatible with Roon?

Hi Bryan,

If you go into Settings > About (top right of the window) does it show any Updates available? If so, try Updating.

Cheers, Greg

It updated and allowed me into setup. Now when I try to play an track it says in red “Track not available from Tidal” followed by “Transport too many failures. Stopping Playback.”
This is the message I received when trying to play from my PC until I gave up on it. The Nucleus is selected and the ayre is selected. Any other troubleshooting?

I’m tagging @support to help you with this.

Cheers, Greg

Hi Bryan,

I read another thread where someone mentioned that the Unit has a Rsrv dip switch that he toggled to B, which makes it Output as USB 2, instead of 1.1.

What is yours set as?

Cheers, Greg

I saw that. It was set as B. I tried back and forth and rebooting as well.

Any other ideas@support

Hi @Bryan_Jesienski,

So we can better assist you, please describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so we can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

If you try to play this TIDAL content to another endpoint does the same behavior occur?

The Ayre is showing up on my control screen in Roon however it will not allow me to connect to Tidal. It tells me I have bad information.