Ayre QX-5 new firmware update [Solved]

A firmware update automatically downloaded and installed yesterday.

There is no reference to it on the Ayre website, which says the last update was in September.

I have no idea what the update was supposed to do, but it caused the USB connection to the unit to disable itself in Roon, and so disappear from the list of Zones in Roon, and the other Zone which appears for the direct LAN connection to the QX-5 has lost its little line drawing of the QX-5, and also now says that the unit is Roon Ready but Uncertified, which was not the case before the firmware change!

I could easily re-enable the USB, and music is playing just as before, so nothing disastrous happened.

Presumably Ayre have screwed up some element in the update, but I know that there are several other QX-5 users on here, so have you also experienced this, and does anybody know what’s happening?

Also, isn’t it about time Ayre Acoustics had its own reservation in the Audio products section?!

I second that emotion :slight_smile:

A firewall being on (usually in windows) is typically responsible for an Uncertified status. Might be worth a check.

Hadn’t had any firewall issues before, even if this is the reason. It was certified before.

But did anybody else get this firmware update?

Nobody??? 10 characters and a complete sentence. Not.

Head to the audioaficianado or audioshark forums and ask. The QX-5 isn’t something allot of people can afford and thus the lack of responses here.

Indeed, but I think there is at least a handful of QX-5 users on here.

Since the “problem” amounts to no more than unsatisfied curiosity and loss of a line drawing in the display, it doesn’t even qualify as a first world problem.

So I’ll not be losing sleep :crazy_face:

Update for QX-5 (officially) released on March 13,2018 !
QX-5 after updating appears as the UNCERTIFIED device in Roon.
With previous FW G didn’t experience any problem like this mentioned one.
Any troubleshooting/suggestion to advice???

Problem solved.NET reset executed.

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