Ayre QX-5 showing headphone icon

My Ayre QX-5 is showing in ROON with a headphone icon. When I look at signal path it is showing Audeze LCD headphones as the final pan after the QX-5. I am not using headphones and have never owned a pair pf

Check your DSP and make sure there is no Audeze filter there. You have to remove it to get rid of the Audeze icon if I am remembering correctly

Ok, will give it a try. Thanks

Found it buried in the DSP, even though was inactive it still made it the Audeze icon. Very strange, don’t know why or how that filter got there. Thanks!

Yeah, I agree it is strange how it works. I mentioned this about a year ago to support, but nothing changed. I’ll try again soon. Glad you got it sorted out!