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When do you expect to complete the certification process for this upgrade? Ayre tell me that you have their demo unit with their latest firmware update.

Hi Robert
Just to let you know Roon do not comment on the certification process as it can fail and be back with the supplier having more work to do.

When it has passed the certification process it is added to the database and will work.

Seems harsh I know, but there are good reasons after lots of issues with sub standard Roon Ready updates that had many issues.

Well I certainly hope both parties get a shift on with this, as I am expecting to get the upgrade installed within the next few weeks…

Follow up question - excuse my ignorance please. When you say “it will be added to the database and will work”, would this happen only upon a new Roon release, or is this something that will happen on the backend without a new Roon minor release?


It can be either, if the current released version passes the Roon Ready tests then the back end update can be enough

If changes are required for Roon Ready then it will usually require a firmware update from the manufacturer as well as the back end update. This usually happens at the same time.

Seems like this issue has been resolved. I was able to enable this device today and it’s working well.
Many thanks!

That’s good to hear!

+1 - working for me as well.

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