B&W Formation Bar/Sub/Flex MQA Settings

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Mac OS X - Macbook pro 15inch 2011 8gb ram & ssd

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B&W Formation Bar/sub/flex

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Can you please advise whether I should set the devices MQA setting in rendered only or should i set any other option?

The devices appear as Roon ready.

thank you!

Hey George…

I would like your impressions on Formation.


Hello @George_Kitieas,

Regardless if you set the MQA Capabilities to “Renderer Only” or “No MQA Capabilities”, you will receive the MQA Core Decoded 24/88.2kHz or 24/96kHz stream on your Bowers & Wilkins zone.

The difference between the two options is that setting the zone to “Renderer Only” will result in Roon embedding the MQA Signaling Information in the audio stream for further MQA DACs to unfold. Since the Bowers & Wilkins devices do not implement MQA features, you can set this to “No MQA Capabilities” without any loss in functionality.


Thank you so much John for your swift response and answer!!!

Hello Ali,

They sound great both in terms of music and movie playback however I believe they sound best when playing music.

Dedicated system like 603s I recently heard obviously sound fuller and clearer but this come very close and do not have all the cables, amps etc…

Overall I am very satisfied, I believe at this time there is no similar product in market - the songs do not play music with that clarify

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Great stuff!

Enjoy! :smiley:

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