B&W formation Bass is not working with Roon RAAT

Roon Core Machine

MacBook Air Apple M1 chip 16gb

I also have Synology DS720+ where I store my local music files. That is directly connected to our modem via Ethernet.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

TP-Link Deco X60 AX3000 Wireless Dual-Band Gigabit Mesh Wi-Fi System

Connected Audio Devices

2 Formation Flex + Bass grouped as the basement (There are other Formation products throughout the house, but they are fine)

Number of Tracks in Library

5000 albums

Description of Issue

If I play Airplay via Roon, the bass works just fine. But I if I try to use Roon’s RAAT, then the bass disconnects over and over again. Sometimes it comes back and sometimes it does not. I just can not figure out what is happening.

Here are the things I tried,

  • Restarted the modem. Did not help.

  • Found a support request just like mine and tried that and that did not help. Here is the link for that support request: Formation Bass not working with Roon

  • Factory reset everything. Did not help.

  • Reserved Dedicated IP’s for Formation products, and that did not help either.

Any ideas why this might be happening? Please help!

Hey @Rubi_Hayim

We are looking into the issue and will report back shortly.

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I just tried using Spotify connect and Bluetooth. The formation bass works how it suppose to work with both. Thought you might want to know. Have a good day.


Is there any update about this?

Thank you and have a great day.

Hi @Rubi_Hayim,

Your logs are demonstrating long RAAT sync times and latency issues which indicate network issues. How is that endpoint connected to internet, wired or wi-fi? Is there a Deco X60 hub in the vicinity?

Thank you for your reply Jamie.

The end points are connected via wireless. I am not sure what you mean by deco hub. There is a main deco in the basement with the speakers.

Don’t you think I would have problems on other parts of the house if this is a networking problem?

Hey @Rubi_Hayim,

Thank you for confirming that one of your Mesh hubs is near the set-up. It’s not uncommon to have poor connectivity only in specific areas. This could be caused by obstructions or even interference from other devices.

Are you playing music to these devices as part of a grouped zone when the Formation Bass drops out?

At this point, I did not try grouped zone.

I should also mention, the second formation flex in the basement group is having drop out problems too. The only speaker that does not have connection problems is the one Roon directly connects to. Does that make sense?

@jamie any update on this?

@jamie you were right. I had networking problems. I connected my MacBook to Wi-Fi via Ethernet cable and everything is playing as it should. Thank you for your help.

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Hey @Rubi_Hayim,

Thank you for the update! I’m glad that things are working for you now! Please feel free to reach out if you ever have any other questions or issues. Happy listening :headphones:

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