B&W Formation Duo not showing up in Roon Ready device list

Core Machine
Windows 10 Home Edition; Roon 1.8 (build 778)

Network Details
Google Wifi Mesh Network (OnHub Router + 3 Google Wifi access points

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)
B&W Formation Duo pair + Formation Audio + Formation Bass (grouped together), B&W Formation Wedge & Formation Bass (grouped together), Formation Bar

Description Of Issue

Roon does not detect the Formation Duo speakers. Everything else is found. Everything, including Formation Duos, is recognized in B&W Formation Setup and B&W Music Apps.

Steps Taken:
I’ve restarted the entire network 2x.
I’ve restarted all the formation products, along with the roon core machine 2x
I’ve connected the Formation Duos & the Roon Core machine to the network via ethernet.
I’ve factory reset the Formation Duo speakers & added them back to the configuration.
None of the above have allowed the Duo speakers to be discoverable or added in the Roon Audio Setup.

Hello @Jason_Czech,

Are the Formation Duo’s paired with the Formation Audio?

If so, the system will only expose the Formation Audio to Roon. To play to the Formation Duo’s you would play to the Formation Audio which will then act as the “head unit” for the Duo’s.


Okay thank you - that was indeed the ‘issue’.

Out of curiosity - what is the reason for this? Does routing through Formation Audio increase the resolution delivered to the Duo speakers? I ask because B&W’s documentation isn’t clear on this, but I read in a review that 24/96 is only possible going through the Audio.

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