B&W Formation Firmware 2.0

Firmware version 2.0 just landed, but with no real fanfare or info. Any idea what’s been done behind the scenes other than B&W Music App enablement?

As far as I can see, the news is Tidal Direct, Qobuuz and radio support in app.
I find the lacking support for iPad very annoying, but hoping it will soon come.
Also hoping there will be frequent updates.

Since I updated to v2.0 I experience heavy bluetooth dropouts, after 1-2 minutes of streaming from mobile phone or from notebook (reproduced from different devices).
Connect via bluetooth is then not possible anymore, I have to reboot the BW Wedge

Try to find a support contact on BW website, without success.
I would not recommend updating.

No roon problem, roon is working perfectly.

2.1 release just dropped… still doesn’t seem to support TIDAL connect.

I don’t think Tidal Connect was ever a touted feature or on their roadmap even? Main feature of the 2.0 / Music app release was to support Tidal and Qobuz from within the Formation ecosystem and not have to rely on 3rd party software subscriptions(Roon basically) to achieve this goal.