B&W Society of Sound closing up shop

Just received an email. I’m a long-time subscriber. It’s too bad, I enjoyed the surprise each month and found some real gems. A minimum of 24 hi-res downloads each year for $60 USD wasn’t a bad deal either!

I didn’t even know this existed. I have been looking for a subscription CD/download company but haven’t found one, was this similar?

Not really. They chose the music, two releases per month. One was usually from the Real World catalog or related to it, the other was always London Symphony Orchestra recordings. I can’t find a public link to the downloads page, but here’s a screenshot of some of the past offerings:

Kind of sad. B&W Society of Sound was one of the first sites to offer high resolution downloads at a very reasonable price. They will be missed.

I have recieved the e-mail too. My suscription would end by the end of August.

No B&W tent at Womad this year, replaced by d&b audiotechnik immersive sound stage. I wonder if their arrangement real-world has ended?

Slightly odd that one of the sound socs last offerings was recorded on another speaker manufacturers stage/equipment. The conversion from 360 to stereo mix seems ok though.