B103 ARC albums list filtered for downloads shows albums removed from downloads [Ticket in]

EDIT - I changed the title of this topic to better reflect the issue, as identified with the help from @Arlen. See posts below.

I was confused about what I see on this albums overview, which I thought should show my currently downloaded content.

With the filter active it shows me 60 albums, with only 14 tagged with a tick for downloads. What are the other entries doing in the list?Just a snapshot here:

Am I misunderstanding the filter, or is there an anomaly here, with stale content showing?

  • Every album I see was downloaded at some point. But the ARC app has since been reset and cache has been cleared.

  • After, 14 albums where downloaded, and these show with the tick on this page. I thought the list above should be the same as what I see under Downloads - which shows only the 14 albums which I downloaded after the reset, as expected.

  • The Roon Server is on build 1179 and has been restarted at least once. Synchronisation of the library seems to work fine otherwise, reflecting new additions etc.

  • When playing any of the 14, path indicates playback of local content. When playing other albums from the filtered list, it indicates streaming from core. Again, as expected.

bumping this. I would still like to know if I misunderstand the purpose of this filter, or if something is going wrong here. ( it looks to me like there is some sort of index of ‘downloaded’ albums that uses old / superseded info, is presented in this part of the interface, and persists through ARC cache clearance and Roon server reboots)

If the latter, is there a way of getting into a ‘correct’ state again, without wiping all the current / good stuff?

I think this is a bug. I had the same with my downloaded albums, which I deleted all at once using the appropriate button on the settings page. After deleting them, the albums still appeared under downloaded content.
Did you delete the albums the same way I did?

I corrected the downloaded albums list by manually chosing download for all these albums again individually, and then remove them from download. You don’t have to wait for a download to complete: an album will be removed from the list immediately after removing it from your downloads.

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Thanks Arlen. My recollection is that the albums were cleared as a side-effect of resetting ARC. So it would be a different way of ‘deleting’ but with the same effect.

I will play with your suggested approach for correcting this. Thanks!

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@Arlen, your fix works a charm - and I would even do it for the lot if I cared much about the downloads (I don’t, yet). So I took the opportunity to replicate what you mentioned - remove everything using ‘Delete all downloads’ under setting, to see what happened.

And yes, everything remains listed under Albums filtered for downloads. The separate Downloads section in the main menu is cleared though.


  • After using ‘Reset Roon ARC’ - same, the list of Albums filtered for Downloads still remains populated with the same albums, none of which are on the device anymore.
  • after clearing the cache for ARC - same
  • after clearing storage for ARC and connecting again with credentials - list is cleared

Over to Roon I guess. I have edited the title of this topic for clarity.

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@ToneDeaf Thanks for the bump. Looking into this one.