B103 ARC Wikipedia - some rendering issues [Ticket in]

(Android 11, Fairphone 4)

html code & from Wikipedia not rendered correctly in ARC.

example English Wikipedia

and Dutch Wikipedia:

Versus Roon Remote (build 1177)


TiVo content renders smaller than Wikipedia content:

On the upside for ARC, some imagery from Wikipedia renders correctly, where it doesn’t in remote build 1177:




Dates have different formats between the two apps on the same device. My Android is set to English language with German locale. The remote’s format is the same as shown in the Android settings, but I prefer ARC’s. See the screenshots in this other post: B102 Can't find Wikipedia in ARC[Resolved]

I experience the same things as @ToneDeaf. Also Dutch.

@ToneDeaf thanks a lot for reporting. We created tickets for ARC, and this is going to be fixed soon.
Could you, please, check if pictures issue in Remote are still present on your end in the latest build #1179. Thank you.

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appears ok in 1179 :+1:

thanks for confirming