B107 ARC feedback

Just a question to start it off:

Continuing the discussion from ARC Build 107 is Live!:

Any particular reason? Is it going to come back?

I think this change only applies to CarPlay, where a partial list of all people with a composer credit in your library while you’re driving isn’t very useful.

I’m still seeing Composer browser in ARC’s Library screen. Are you?

Ah OK, if all changes in this release are only for CarPlay, then this makes sense. I wasn’t sure about that.

(goes looking in freshly arrived ARC update) … Right, the Composers category is still in the Library page.

I am not a big composer view user, but not sure about that. If composers are set to “only classical”, then it’s not all people with a composer credit, but actual classical composers (who have the “is classical composer” setting in Roon). How is viewing a list with Beethoven/Cage/Mozart/… different to a list of artists? (Plus activities in cars are not just driving :wink: I don’t know, does CarPlay distinguish the car being driven or not? Anyway, there is also a passenger seat. )

Given time constraints and our desire to get this thing live for the whole user-base, we’ve decided to remove the composers browser for now in favor of revisiting more properly in the future. It didn’t feel like we nailed that screen and it deserves some proper thought. (Open to ideas btw)

Hope this makes sense :slight_smile:

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Other than that, how’s testing going? Are things loading more quickly? @Suedkiez

Absolutely, it’s not essential I suppose. Thanks for clarifying.

If all the changes in this release are for CarPlay, I can’t test. Any chance to get a BikePlay? :slight_smile:


In the last couple of builds I’ve been experiencing an issue where my music stops and I get a Playback Internal Error message. It last happened on the previous build this morning between 8:30 and 9 am. I’m on Android so not using carplay. I’m wondering if this is a known issue and maybe fixed in B107?

B1180 ROCK Core on NUC10i3
ARC B107 on iPhone 12 Pro, iOS 16.1.2
CarPlay on Pioneer DMH-Z6350BT

Quite a few issues when I first used ARC and CarPlay this morning.

On first use, no screen at all, I’d started ARC from my iPhone:

The music was playing from ARC on my iPhone but the app would not show up or start on the car stereo.

Then I turned off the engine killed ARC on the iPhone, started the engine again and tried the ARC CarPlay app from the car stereo touch screen, nothing happened but again music would play through the stereo if I started playback from the ARC iPhone app:

Rebooting my iPhone cured this issue.

Albums now load, takes several seconds but they all show up.

I’m not getting the artists:

Phone was connected via 5G bars ranged between 1 to 4.

One other thing (or two):

The shuffle and repeat icons are ridiculously tiny!!! Were they always like this??? And they’d possibly look better in a central position under the pause/play controls. I.e. moved over to the right.

Is it possible to add a track to the library from the now playing screen?
I often hear tracks that are not in my library whilst using Radio and it would be awesome to be able to add them to my library, obviously a passenger (wife) can touch the screen whilst in motion, it doesnt necessarily have to be the driver.

That’s the screen I got also.

Getting a bit fed up of logging in to Roon arc a lot every time I want to use it in CarPlay it doesn’t seem to hold the login details ,anyone know why that is !