B112 ARC CarPlay Playback Silent

I’ve experienced this a couple of times now in two vehicles.

Playing a track, park up, remove phone, and return after a few minutes. On reconnecting, playback resumes.

However, when the current track ends, the new track start with no audio. Skip forward, no audio, skip back, ditto.

The only option is to close ARC and reopen. Then playback is fine.

iPhone XS, Lightning USB cable to car.

B1180 ROCK Core on NUC10i3
ARC B112 on iPhone 12 Pro, iOS 16.2
Wireless CarPlay on Pioneer DMH-Z6350BT

I had a similar issue yesterday, ARC somehow went out of whack.

I was just starting the car and my wife called on my iPhone, which automatically connects to CarPlay and routes the call through the stereo, ARC obviously tried to restart playback but couldn’t because of the call.

After the ended I could not get music to restart through CarPlay until I restarted the car and killed ARC on my iPhone and restarted it.

Music was showing as playing but no sound at all.