B1137 Recordings tab not working as expected

So I’m doing a playlist (for my daughter’s wedding) with the help my son and I have been tasked with buying the songs for him to mix.

I’m using Roon to locate the albums to buy on Qobuz.

Looking for Backstreet Boys - Everybody

I expect to find it by searching discography by recordings and filtering.

whereas It’s on backstreet’s back and hits but these are not showing on the recordings screen.

Probably not necessarily as early access issue but just in case.


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You daughter is marrying your son? :rofl:

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Another example

Looking for Gloria by Mercedes Sosa and it’s there in the popular tracks on her 1999 album Miss Criolla

But this doesn’t show up in the recordings, only a compilation appearance

The Recordings tab is not doing what it says on the tin.


I think that the term recordings is used here on the discography tab as a synonym for published works (albums, singles, compilations) whereas you seems to expect it to be a synonym for performances of single works (song, track, …).

Also using filter is not the same as performing a search. Filter just reduces what’s listed to entries containing the filter string.

So I guess you then have to filter for “Criolla” instead of “Gloria” to find the record (album) that contains that track.

I think recordings is actually meant to be what I expect it to be, a full discography of recorded songs by the artist.


I just finished looking through the old release notes for that feature and it seems you’re right about the meaning of recordings (Why does Roon Labs then not use the already established term “performance” for that?) in this context. But it’s also only mentioned for looking at a Composer’s Discography there.
So it’s maybe the somewhat “old” issue of Performer vs. Composer? In this case the sorting by recordings shouldn’t be available for Performers? It probably isn’t but if previously selected on a Composers page, the sort order string doesn’t get cleared and replaced by the string properly denoting the current sort order?

I have to leave figuring that out to the people with access to the discography feature. Sadly the thread didn’t get much attention so far.

Hi everyone,

Just dropping in to let you know we’re still looking at this internally, not ignoring it. Cheers.

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Thanks for letting us know, in truth I was feeling a bit unloved :cry:


Hi @Sloop_John_B,

After reviewing with the Metadata gurus, it appears that @BlackJack is indeed correct. In this Discography tab, ‘Recordings’ refers to performances of a published work. So, you’re unfortunately bumping into a taxonomical gray area within Roon’s classical handling that precedes my time here, and perhaps merits its own discussion thread.

Thanks @connor don’t fully understand what you mean here.

What do you mean that recording is a “performance of a published work”. In my Sosa example above what makes the recording on a compilation album that does show up a " performance of a published work" and the one on the album not one. I don’t understand the difference between these two tracks on albums that one would show up and the other wouldn’t.



You use Filter in the discography tab. Filter filters for the given string in what is displayed. Displayed are Albums, Singles and appearances on Samplers. As your search string represents a track title and not an album title, an appearance (of said track) on a Sampler is the only thing that can possibly show up – and also only if that track ever was on a Sampler (Roon knows of).

@connor and stranger still doing the(exact same) search today gives me

The initial backstreet boys example still holds so perhaps if you can explain

in relation to the Backstreet Boys as in why this

doesn’t show up as a “performance of a published work”

I’m seriously trying to understand this not argue the point as I realise it may sound a bit like that.

I really need to know what Roon can and cannot do in relation to searching for tracks recorded by a particular artists.


So Roon Labs made some updates (obviously). Who is the composer of Gloria? Is this possibly because it is expected to function as you think it should for a Composers discography?

Obviously this is on no-one else’s radar but I’d appreciate some sort of answer to my query.

Feeling a bit unloved and designated “unimportant” by Roon as we undoubtedly all do sometimes.


I’m still trying to understand this, please help.


Still here, still confused.


I’d really appreciate a response to my question.



This thread brings the earthworm of Pink Floyd from the Wall…

“Is there anybody OUT there?”


What’s another year?