B1137 Slow starting streaming tracks with DSP applied

I have noticed a regression bug where if DSP is applied to streaming services tracks there is a signifiant delay in playback starting. Its definitely slower for non streaming to. We had this in a previous version in 1.8 so be good to check all is ok.

I wonder if it is buffering more data than in the past if it affects both settings.

Simon what are you talking about here, 2-3 seconds, 10-15 seconds? In my case it’s the former which isn’t too much of a problem but a delay nonetheless.

Maybe a bit longer some times and in some cases but not 10secs. Also had it not play anything last night which was odd.

That pretty much ties in with my experiences. I have also had situations where Roon client freezes momentarily (sometimes requiring an app restart) I’m wondering if that’s related…

Hi @CrystalGipsy and @PixelPopper,

Curious if this has changed at all with the constellation of bug fixes in Roon 2.0.3.

Are certain DSP filters more reactive than others here? We’ll want to pin down whether the lag is in the DSP itself or the loading of the DSP profile encasing it.