B1145 Artwork stops showing

Not sure if this is released to Roon but as it only stated to show recently it might be. On my Uniti Atom at times when starting a fresh album artwork isn’t being displayed on the device I just get the words Roon instead. A restart of device and it returns but it also is just on some albums as I switched album and artwork came up, then back to the album that didn’and it still didn’t display, this has been on local and streaming services. It’s done it a number of times in last few days. It might be the Atom is faulty but I have no way to tell would this behaviour be in the logs? @Suedkiez have you seen this on you NDX2 screen at all?

I’ve had the screen to off recently and haven’t looked at it when starting an album, but I’ve turned it on now and will report back.

Edit: The first 2 albums I tried showed the correct art

It’s random when it happens so it’s not all the time, just happened twice in the last 24 hours. Thanks for checking would be good to find out if it’s Roon or the Atom.

The problem might be elsewhere, Amazon AWS servers have been having problems over the last few days & some went down completely yesterday (confirmed by Amazon).
One of the the symptoms was erratic image display across all my devices and especially in community posts. It culminated in no Amazon hardware being able to connect.

Service was restored around 15:20 yesterday when the problems all cleared up. It might not be the cause of your problems but it’s a possibility things still aren’t fully restored to normal working.

Thanks Paul that’s interesting to know.

I haven’t seen any issue, played about ten albums and switched to another input in between as well

I’ve not had a repeat yet either so maybe it was Amazon issues as Paul mentioned. Will keep an eye on it kind

Ok started to get this again today. @Suedkiez @ged_hickman1 can you try playing this track from Qobuz and see if you get artwork displaying please, wnat work out if this is unique to my system. I did update the Naim firmware before this started happening so could be that hard to tell.

I also got the issue on this track to from Qobuz 25th Anniversay version

The Atom just shows the Roon logo after intially switching display to showing the track name albumbut no artwork.

They both play fine but which specific track and resolution version are you playing?

track is cover me from 44.1/24 version
radio song from the 25th Anniversary Version 88.2/24

They seem to work for me know this is odd.

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Does the artwork come from Roons metdadata servers or the actual stream from Qobuz?

Working for me too. I would think artwork comes from Roon because the default for artwork says “Roon” and you can change it

(Edit: autocorrect errors, sorry)

Odd it never affects anything other than artwork wonder if this is metadata server issue their side. Search has been noticeabley slower of late others have commented on this in other threads. Perhaps a momentary slowdown and it sends the Naim in to a flurry and it doesn’t then load it. What’s odd is it’s before it changes to the next track you get a glimpse of the artwork. It could be something else I I suppose and be related to the last Naim firmware update for the Atom.

Also related (?) slow start of playback from Qobuz & local files…

True it’s definitely slower since this build.

Well this just happened on my Ropieee as well for one track. I do think this is a Roon metadata issue not loading quickly enough.