B1145 Fast scrolling toggle shows "#" [Ticket in, Regression]

B1145 ROCK on NUC10i3 (RoonOS 1.0 B253)
Roon Client on MacOS 11.7

As per title of post:

EDIT: This only occurs with sort by date and sort by date added.

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Confirmed - also showing with Roon Client on Windows 11.

Also on iOS.

Isn’t this the expected behavior because special characters like this are sorted first in sorting by name? E.g., the artist “!!!” (generally pronounced “Chk Chk Chk”) is sorted first:

Therefore, when scrolling to the beginning of an alphabetical list, I suppose the quick scroll shows the # character as a representative for “special characters”

The point is that when it’s sorted by date or date added, it gets stuck on the # character…

Ha, that wasn’t clear at all :slight_smile: Thanks. I can repro this as well, and I found another bug when doing so, will make new thread

And Android. We have a full house.

Sorry next time I’ll be more clear. I have edited my post.
I thought the screenshot I added was pretty self explanatory as it shows “by date added” and none of the artists shown in the screenshot have special characters in their name.

No worries, I just misunderstood

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Hi, all!

Thank you for your reports. Unfortunately, this is a regression. We were able to reproduce. A ticket was created. I hope that it will be fixed soon.