B1149 Roon client RAM hungry on an M1

Has anyone else noticed an increase in RAM usage with the last few updates of Roon (running as client) on an M1 or M2 Mac?

I used to have a problem with RoonServer chewing it’s way through RAM, but this seems to have been resolved with the recent ARM based releases, but Roon (running on the same machine as a client) seems very RAM hungry, especially after any metadata editing.

6GB (see below) seems excessive …

Shouldn’t this be in the earlyaccess room?

I only have the server on M1, and the full app on a late 2013 iMac, sorry if does not help

Yep, I’ve moved it. Thanks.


Thanks. Like you, RoonAppliance (i.e. server version) is behaving well on my M1, it’s the client that’s acting up.

Hey @DaveN - you changed your pic, if I’m remembering the same, generous individual, who has helped me in the past? It’s been a long time.

I run Server on another headless machine and Remote on my M1 Mini stats in at the following: (Chrome is always the major hog for cloud based computing through it, lol)

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I also noticed Roon being one of the largest memory hogs of all my apps. Im nowhere near 6GB… how large is your library? I only have 10K tracks.

If you restart the app, is it always 6GB?

What I’ve noticed (not that i checked) is the memory usage goes up as soon as i scroll through an artist. For instance, i have a lot of grateful dead, as soon as i hit that artist, i can go from 400MB to over 1GB…each artist adds a bit more.

200k tracks.

No. When I restart the app it drops to around 710MB.

Yep, same here. Metadata editing is also a culprit.