B1149 Roon Remote problem on tablet Huawei

Hello Roon.
After updating on the tablet Huawei MediaPad T3 10. 5,1,3. Room Remote 2.0-1149, the App time to time freezes when trying to view overview of some artists. Restarting of the tablet, app and Necleus+ does not help. Repaired only by deleting and reinstalling the Roon Remote.
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Check if you have Wikipedia set as your default (top) option under Settings → General → Editorial Sources

Happening on all my Android devices.

I have disabled Wikipedia on my Androids. Problem solved

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Thank you. Disabled while working.

Are you running Early Access builds? If so, this is a known issue for Android remotes:

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Samsung c Android 12 version 4.1 works fine with New verson 1160 but Huawei tablet started to work even worse. Every time it freezes when viewing a musician’s discography. If earlier I reinstalled the application for fix it, now it’s enough to restart the tablet. If Wikipedia turned off, the application works fine.

There seems to be a crashing issue with latest build and seems to affect iOS user’s as well. A couple of threads are running about it