B1159 constant crashes on android

If I go to the info pages my android client crashes and is then unrecoverable. Have to deinstall the client and reinstall to get working again

Sounds same as this?

I don’t even get that far, any use of the info page and …

What is “the info pages”? The other guy had it freezing when clicking one of the other info sources (Wikipedia English) in the list, and when trying the second time also had to uninstall. Sounds just like you here:

and like you having to reinstall in the OP of this thread.

It’s stuck on this page so can’t show you anymore :sob:

How did you install B1159 on Android? From APK?
Play Store still doesn’t offer that version for me :frowning:

You have to install via APK.

I can’t get B1159 to work with Android either. Freezes at times and other times it doesn’t load the artist bio or album info pages.

Reproduced and ticket created by Roon in the other thread. If yours is indeed the same

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Try turning off Wikipedia and TiVo under:

Settings → General → Editorial Sources.

You lose artist and recording info, but your remote won’t freeze.