B1159 No Wikipedia stuff in Windows remote?

OK, so according to the announcement there should be Settings > General > Editorial sources, and presumably I should find Wikipedia content somewhere. However, the new option in Settings does not exist, and I can’t find WP content anywhere. What am I missing?

My Windows remote and Core are on 1159:

I can’t check in Android because I still have B1149 earlyaccess from the Play Store (Beta). (I didn’t and don’t want to install from the APK sources right now because it seems that every time I do, I never get any Play Store updates again. So I just recently uninstalled the APK installs and reinstalled from the Store Beta, to verify if I get further updates)

Checking on this @Suedkiez – stand by.

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try to restart your core and remote


Now it’s there and very cool :+1: Thank you