B116 ARC Jump to Now Playing takes me 5 tracks ahead of the playing track

This has been an issue for some time, usually off by 1 or 2 tracks, depending on which direction you’ve gone in the play queue. For me, on an iPhone 14 Pro Max running iOS 16.2, no matter which direction I’ve scrolled from the track that is currently playing, tapping ‘Jump to now playing’ lands on the track that is 5 ahead in the queue in relation to the currently playing track. My queue position doesn’t seem to matter - even if I can see the playing track, but the ‘jump’ oval button is visible, tapping it moves me 5 tracks ahead of the currently playing track.

Seems like the over/undershoot used to be a track or 2, but it is definitely 5 tracks now. Not sure if this is a device and/or OS specific issue.


Was about to start a topic for the same issue. Not end of the world, but ugly and annoying behaviour.

Do you really mean ARC build 116? Current is 149

Correction, I saw now that the first post was from January 10.

@Martin_Friberg you still have this with 149?

If 149 is the latest version then yes. iOS 16.3.1.

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This is resolved for me with B149 and iOS 16.3.1 on an iPhone 14 Pro Max.

It seems the longer my queue is the more severe this problem becomes. For a while my queue would jump to the right place, now it’s about two songs ahead.

iPhone 14 Pro Max - iOS 16.4
Roon arc build 150

@Early_Access shouting into the void.

Feels that way - I can’t find release notes on early access releases any more, no idea what, if any user-facing changes have been made, no idea what I should look for or test. What’s the point?

And I spoke too soon here - now tapping ‘jump to now playing’ takes me almost, but not quite, to the track. Not a big deal, certainly doesn’t break the app for me, but it does feel sloppy. So close, ARC, so close!

Yes similar problem for me and been here for a while
The red marking is where Arc thinks it it (build 150 on Android)

More interesting is the played songs show back at the end of the queue. Anyone else seeing this?
The songs below have all been played so I have to delete them all when I want to add anything else to the queue.

Thanks for bringing to our attention, we have a ticket in for this and will get to it as soon as there’s bandwidth.


Appreciate it - certainly just a small UX thing, but it all adds up, I suppose!

Hi! Any update on that ticket please? It has been going on for months and feels quite sloppy. Obviously not a deal-breaker but it gets in the way. Thanks!

Here we are with ARC 1.0.90000 Build 207 and, for me at least, the queue is working beautifully! It loads quickly, the track at the top of the list under the “Now playing” line is actually the track that’s playing, and scrolling the queue in either direction and then tapping “Jump to now playing” actually jumps to the track that’s playing. All’s well on an iPhone 14 Pro Max running iOS 16.6, how is it for everyone else?

Same build, not sure what changed, but now it’s off by one track. From either direction, clicking on ‘jump to now playing’ requires me to pull down on the queue by a single track to get to the reach that’s actually playing. Weird.