B116 Roon ARC Crashing

Last 2-3 days ARC is crashing after a few minutes, iPhone 13, 4G signals 3-4 bars.
This is the first problem in a couple of months but ARC now unusable, Crash reports submitted.

Hi, @PixelPopper, thank you for the report. Could you, please, tell me if you are seeing any patterns or specific actions you were doing in the app before it crashed?



Hi @ivan
On each occasion playback of Qobuz items in my library stopped, when I checked the signal it was between 3-4 bars (i.e. Good). I then attempted to continue playback by tapping the play button which resulted in the rotating icon and eventually the app crashed.
Reloading the app and trying again had the same result, I also tried playing local (ripped) files with the same result.
Trying a different streaming app worked just fine.


It looks like this is a local issue, the router has inexplicably assigned the core static ip address to another device.
I should be able to resolve this, thanks for your help.

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