B1160 / B1159 - Remote App Freezing Problem on Android - seems to depend on language settings!

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 - Android 12
Samsung Galaxy S10 - Android 12

Like others since BB1159 I have the problem of the Android remote app completely freezing in when entering an Album or Artist page - obviosuly when Roon tries to load the Artist or Album Editorial content. I see the three black lines - and then it’s dead … A re-start does not help then, as the app starts at the same point and immediately freezes agian.
So from that time on the only option is to deinstall the app and reinstall it again.
I now noted the following:

  1. After the re-install the app works on “English”. I did no change
    Editorial sources are English Wikipedia + TiVO: I did not change
    I tried the app and did not see any problems.

  2. I added German Wikipedia to above settings
    I again got the Freezing problem !!

  3. I re-installed the app and changed Editorial sources to only TiVO !
    Everything OK. Then I changed app Language from English to German.
    I again got the Freezing problem !!
    (I first opened “Neil Young - World Record” OK, but then I openend “Kiss - Alive II” and the app froze.
    Both had been fully OK under app language “English”)

Not sure if this has been discussed before, but Language (app setting as well as Wikipedia version) defintely seems to have an influence on the freezing problem - at least on my Tab S6.

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I did some futher Testing:
I especially tested with these 2 albums:

  • Neil Young - World Record (has no Wikipedia content yet)
  • Kiss - Alive II (does have Wikipedia content)
  1. App Language English + ALL Editorial source deactivated
    no problems

  2. App Language English + TiVO only
    no problems

  3. App Language English + TiVO + Wikipedia English
    No problems with both “test records” (As above).
    Freezes when switching to Wikipedia content in “Alive II”
    (By the way - when starting the app freshly installed in setup Wikipedia English is listed above TiVO - HOWEVER TiVO obviously is the first choice! Only after putting TiVO on position 1 and back on position 2 Wikipedia English seems to be first choice …)

So obviously some part of the problem does lie in the Wikipedia content … BUT:

  1. ALL Editorial source deactivated + App language English or Polski
    opening “Neil Young - World Record” > no problems
    opening “Kiss - Alive II” > no problems
    (also no other problems noted)

  2. ALL Editorial source deactivated + App language German, Norsk, Italiano, Swenski
    opening “Neil Young - World Record” > no problems
    opening “Kiss - Alive II” > FREEZES !!

I repeated this multiple times. I did not check other languages.

For some reason English and Polski work fine, while the other languages I tested lead to immediate freezing when opening Albums that do have Wikipedia content, though ALL Editorial source was deactivated …

Hope this helps …


Regardless of language, My Android Roon Remote 1160 freezes upon running

Even with language = “English” and only Editorial content = TiVO ?
I have no problems with that setting.

Hi, thank you for the report, @Olaf_Mueller, this is a known issue, unfortunately, will be fixed in the next early access release.



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