B1160 iOS app crashing

Just updated to 1160 on core (ROCK) and iphone.
Browsing Tidal and app frequently crashing.

Anyone else seeing similar ?

I have crashes on iOS and Mac clicking on the artist names.

I can’t even get to the home page after updating to 1160 on my iPhone, it flashes the Roon loading media screen and then vanishes. I did get there initially and had selected an artist to view, now it won’t even let me open the app.

I’ve had crashing on iPad when adding Qobuz albums to my library, 4 times so far today.

I was able to uninstall and reinstall the app on my iPhone, the issue repeated.

Install app.
Open app.
Search for and then select an artist.
App crashes.
Unable to open app again, flashing Roon logo and loading media quickly then closes.

A restart of the phone doesn’t help. I’m on iOS 16.1.1

Now Roon IOS B1160 crashing continually, can’t get it to load up at all :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Delete & reinstall for the second time seems to have helped, so far…

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Surprised that a new build is out without fixing a fundamental issue. App still freezes randomly.

Well at least I feel I am in good company :grin:
Having this on my Android phone since updating this morning.
Same issue with adding Tidal Albums, added 3 and had 2 lockups

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Still happening here, app crashes completely but intermittently…:roll_eyes:

Well I moved to vinyl, but currently playing again but not had any more crashes yet.

(I did have a few pops and scratches on the vinyl though) :roll_eyes:

I haven’t had a crash yet either today, so, I wonder if it was a service issue E.g. with Tidal. I only got the crash browsing within Tidal. Local was Ok.

I also haven’t added any more albums though :crazy_face:
The album’s were there when I went back in, it looked to me that Roon crashed while bringing the information in, so it’s quite possible you are correct there. I was then able to play them as soon as I restarted the Room app.

Yes, I have the same problem, both 1159 and 1160 have this problem.

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Roon is crashing a lot on ios and Mac.

Sometimes after a crash the only way to get iOS working again is to remove the app totally and reinstalll, restart the server and hope it works next time we start.

Hope they find the bug and correct it soon, because is annoying, but that what early access is all about, we find and live with the issues that have to be corrected before being a final release.

Yes, same experiences here. :+1:t4:

I can get behind that theory, it’s not Tidal though because I don’t subscribe to that - I’m wondering if it’s Wikipedia.

For reference the artist that I’m searching for that consistently causes the client to crash is “Chicane”.

I disabled Wikipedia under Settings > General > Editorial Sources and things seem stable right now.

I suspect that you don’t need to restart the server, it appears that the remote client is crashing when trying to render something that it is receiving from the internet. As mentioned above try disabling Wikipedia under settings and try that. I made the change and while it’s only been a few minutes the results so far are promising. My crash was consistent when searching for Chicane and now I’m able to perform that search and tap through to the results and the client isn’t crashing.

Edit: Looks like I jumped the gun, the crashes started back up again.

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Same here, just crashed doing nothing. Put phone down to go do something, came back with iOs saying it had crashed.

Same problem here. The app on iPhone and iPad crashes after less than 1 second. Started on both devices at the same. There is lots of free memory on each device. I did a software updated on both devices, deleted the Roon app, rebooted, downloaded the app and the issues persists. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to use Roon at all. I do note that Roon is continuing to play, so it does seem to be working in the background. I’m just unable to see or have any control of it. These problems happened before and after I did an iOS 16.3.1 software update.