B1164 / B90 Roon ARC can no longer access core since restoring from backup [Resolved]

Roon ROCK / Android contollers
BT Smart Hub 2 / Bipac 7800DXL both using UPNP

After weeks of flawless operation, my access to ARC seems to have died. It appears to coincide with me needing to restore the previous day’s backup (owing to a silly tagging mistake on my part!). Everything else works fine, going to the ARC page on the settings suggests it is working, but the app won’t connect to the Core. Wiping/reinitiating ARC leaves it just hanging at the point where it is connecting to the core, though it initially shows up as online. I have rebooted the server lots to no avail. Any ideas for bringing my ARC back @support? Thanks :blush:

Edit: I’ve tried resetting ARC using the link on the page. Also restarted both routers, and the core several times, all to no avail. The UI still thinks it is working but ARC refuses to connect.

Have you tried updating to the earlyaccess Build 1160 released last week? Not sure if this would help, but the Remotes and Core were updated the same time ARC Build 84 were released.

Yes, sorry, should have updated the Title to reflect that! Thanks for the suggestion though.

You mention you have two routers, are they port forwarding to each other and then one to the Roon Core? Has your ARC port number changed?

I’m not sure what the old port was unfortunately. The setup all worked painlessly before as both are running UPnP - I didn’t need to configure anything manually at all. Obviously I only use one as a router, the other (BT) is effectively being used as a bridge but doesn’t have a bridge mode. It’s frustrating that the diagnostics available through the UI seem rather limited in terms of the problems they can identify.

Just updated to today’s builds and unfortunately still the same problem. I’ve also tried adding manual port forwarding rules, which shouldn’t be necessary but also didn’t work either. Unfortunately, something about the restore from backup seems to have thoroughly broken my ARC, and I don’t seem to have any way to get it back. @support , is there anything useful in the logs? Or anyway to clear its history and restart? You can ignore the network shenanigans last night, which was just me constantly, desperately, restarting everything to no effect :sob:

Edit: It’s working again! Not too sure what of the numerous attempts to fix worked, perhaps setting the port to 0 and back again. However, just reinstalled the ARC app again and now it connects :partying_face:


Excellent to hear you are back up and running with ARC @dhusky.

Might be related to my experience here:

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Thanks @Robert_F and thanks for trying to dig into it with me. @bananasareyellow that does look quite similar - certainly I had the same weirdness about connecting to the core post restore, although a simple reset ARC sadly didn’t work for me. I also noticed I needed to re-enable my Extensions post-restore. Definitely feels like something a bit funky happens after a restore but I can’t put my finger on what.